Building Płońsk in 3D – Planning the financial future of the youngest

We organize an event as part of the international initiative “Meet and Code” dedicated to the promotion of programming, new technology and mathematics among the youngest, entitled “We print Płońsk in 3D – Planning the financial future of the youngest”. The project is aimed at young residents of the Płońsk district attending one of 43 primary schools in the district.

The event is dedicated to presenting to young people from the Płońsk poviat 3D printing technology with learning financial basics, where participants will learn how to save money, use non-cash payments by designing in 3D items such as coins, cash clips and finally their own piggy bank, which they will print on a printer 3D and will be taken home. Classes conducted in a remote form, where participants will have to prepare their workplace on a computer at home or school, by uploading free software to participate in online classes and a 3D design program called Tinkercad – Autodesk’s CAD. The free 3D design program is intended for novice users and requires no previous knowledge to start designing. At the end of the educational project, there will be an event with prizes for participants.
The aim of the project is to encourage young people to study design and 3D printing as a future-oriented profession that allows them to easily find a job. At the same time, creating a local group of 3D enthusiasts to develop a local 3D printing service of various elements and everyday products.

More about the event at the link: https://meet-and-code.org/pl/pl/event-show/3973

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