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By helping others you can implement your own plans,
enjoying the happiness of others...

Mission of the Foundation are:

  • Creating conditions conducive to the creation and development of small, medium-sized enterprises and innovative projects, including start-ups.
  • Supporting education of people at the stage of formal learning and volunteering.
  • Supporting the implementation of projects focused on environmental protection, ecology and sustainable economic development.
  • Analysis of the needs of the local community and responding to them by creating social innovations.
  • Promoting talented youth undertaking promising research and science initiatives.

The organization carries out its mission in the field of: developing education, supporting entrepreneurship, implementing ecological projects and developing social activities. We work with many experts with extensive experience in the above fields. Operating since 2015, many innovative and social projects have been implemented that allow you to specialize in specific business and social fields. Thanks to this, we develop competence in the substantive and practical scope.

Education is an important matter...

From the very beginning of the organization’s existence, we have been dealing with the promotion and development of education among young and older people, offering various types of direct support in the form of training, workshops and participation in educational and business events.

We create social innovations focused on improving efficiency in education and automation processes that allow learning throughout life. The world is changing, making every element of our lives more and more professional. Thus, the threshold of implementation in various economic, scientific and social directions is raised. This requires people to constantly improve their skills and knowledge to be able to work, get and keep a job.

Our activities are based on:

  • Organization of free trainings and workshops
  • Enabling participation in interesting educational and social initiatives
  • Conducting analyses related to the introduction of automation to education
  • Conducting activities aimed at promoting the professions of the future

Entrepreneurship allows you to be independent...

The organization started social activities aimed at helping young people in opening their own business (Startups) and creating their own professional career aimed at developing skills used in gainful work. We support young people through selected and optimized services that are provided by business incubators. With our support, you can start running your business at minimal cost.

We organize and participate in various business-oriented events at which you can acquire knowledge and contacts.

As part of the organization, we run a social enterprise that operates in future industries with a focus on office work and automation. Thanks to this, people who work with us have the opportunity to learn, but at the same time practice and gain experience in given professions.

We specialize in:

  • Online marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • Sales automation
  • Business analysis

Ecology is our long future...

Ecology is the direction we developed during the implementation of various projects focused on caring for the environment and sustainable development. Currently, we are trying to include the theme of ecology in all our departments to pay attention to the effective use of material goods so that they do not generate excessive amounts of garbage. Many things can be used or shared to minimize excessive waste production.

We currently support:

  • Electro mobility
  • Caring for natural places in Mazovia
  • Conducting ecological analyzes
  • Promotion of innovative solutions focused on environmental protection

Society cares for every citizen...

Social change is currently not keeping pace with technological progress, which is bad for citizens. This requires undertaking many social, promotional and educational activities focused on presenting interesting solutions and methods that make life easier. This is how social innovations work, which implement something new based on the analysis of the needs of selected social groups. We create new and effective models of social change by implementing a specific range of activities with citizens.

In this regard, we offer:

  • Conducting social analyzes
  • Integrating people in the implementation of joint projects
  • We help in raising professional knowledge
  • We run a consultation point

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