On-line event Start 2 Up

Start2Up is behind us and here are some photos from the event from the studio perspective, where the entire action plan for the conference has been prepared online. This is our first participation in the implementation of such an undertaking and not the last one.

We would like to thank the speakers who wanted to take part in the event:
Alison Edgar MBA and Artur Grzybowski (Great Britain)
Ewa Daniela Burdon (Norway)
Kobi Kalderon (Israel)
Ben Costantini (France)
Juan Guerra (Austria)
Larry Schuster (China)
Michał Uherek (Hong Kong)
Igor Tasic (Spain)
Elena Malitskaya (Ukraine)
Małgorzata Lewandowska, Aleksandra Kopeć, Anna Brussa, Jarosław Juśkiewicz, Paulina Ślisz-Sandecka, Marcin Rutecki (Poland)

and special guests such as:
Olga Semeniuk Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Regional Development, Government Plenipotentiary for SMEs
Mikołaj Różycki acting The President of PARP
Małgorzata Wierzbicka Director, MFiPR

We cannot omit the amazing moderator who led the event to perfection:
Maciej Kautz

To sum up the event, in terms of participants, the following people took part:

  • Total number of participants: 17,244 people
  • Simultaneous calls while broadcasting: 1,584 people
  • Most connections were on the main stream, i.e. with subtitles: 9,433 people

Polish media Wirtualna Polska (https://www.wp.pl) thanks to media promotion through online advertising:

  • We streamed to: 572 527 people
  • UU: 245,449 people

Link to the event with the option to once again see what happened during the event:

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