Project “Płońsk – The Beginning of Israel in 3D” youth exchange Poland – Israel

Project “Płońsk – The Beginning of Israel in 3D” youth exchange Poland – Israel

The project “Płońsk – The Beginning of Israel in 3D” is a social activity promoting the education of new technologies among young people from two countries. The main topic is the story of the first prime minister of Israel, Mr. Dawid Ben-Gurion, who was born in Poland in the city of Płońsk. During the event, which will be held remotely between the two countries, 80 young people (40 from Poland and 40 from Israel) will jointly listen to 4 lectures on:

  • History of Jews in the City of Płońsk
  • David Ben Gurion
  • The beginning of Israel through the eyes of Poland
  • Płońsk in Poland nowadays

Workshops for young people will last 4 days (4.12 – 7.12.2020) in the form of on-line meetings from 14:00 to 16:00 o’clock. Each day will be divided into 2 stages:

  • Historical lecture – 20 min.
    Webinar on the history of the foundation of the state of Israel and the contribution of the first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion to the entire process. It is the story of Poland and Israel that connects two countries, and it is worth mentioning this context of cooperation from the time when two nations lived together in the same place on earth.
  • Break time – 10 minutes
  • 3D design workshops – 90 min.
    The main topic of the projects that the participants will create will be Jewish and Polish culture. During the workshop, each participant will be trained from scratch to use the Fusion 360 software, on which he will create an object, architectural building, stage, instrument, symbol, element of nature that will suggest his nation and country. After the workshops, there will be a few days to refine your projects and send them to the teachers. Each project will be checked for readiness for 3D printing. As part of the project, we will print each project and create an on-line gallery from it, and pass it to the creator so that they can keep them or exchange with other project participants.

The event is dedicated to promoting the common history of two nations and, on the Polish side, it will take place in the city of Płońsk, the place where Israel’s first minister, Dawid Ben Gurion, was born. A positive value is the element of science in the field of design and 3D printing, which complements the project, offering an interesting combination of knowledge from history and new technologies.
The event is carried out remotely on-line using computers, the Internet and special software. Schools from both countries are welcome in the project, as they will have the opportunity to establish cooperation in the field of education and joint activities.

This is the first initiative of this kind implemented by the Foundation, which will be continued in other countries and groups of young people from kindergarten to university. Classes conducted in English, Polish and Russian allow you to spread knowledge in the field of new technologies in many countries around the world, introducing positive changes in societies.

Before the event, each participant must prepare their workstation by uploading the free Fusion 360 program, which can be found at this link: Fusion 360 Download

Link to the instructions on how to prepare the stand for participation in the 3D workshop – Instruction 3D Workshop

The project has an international scope, involving Poland and Israel with 2 countries. The organizers of the event are: The Labor Foundation (MARS Foundation) with financial support from the Ministry of National Education and Partners: the Israeli Embassy in Warsaw and the City Hall of Płońsk.
Technology Partners: Autodesk Fusion 360, Google Apps, FreshMail i Omni3D